01-12-2019 - 31-01-2020


Cosy up at German Gymnasium this January on our heated winter terrace inspired by traditional German gingerbread houses in partnership with Maker’s Mark.

Immerse yourself in our winter wonderland with strings of beautiful garlands, giant nutcrackers, festoon lighting, ambient red lanterns, mini gingerbread house lights on the tables and cosy blankets for you to snuggle up under, whilst sipping a cocktail in the beautiful surroundings of King’s Cross.

Enjoy one of five seriously special cocktails like our Gingerbread Old Fashioned with a mellow blend of bourbon and gingerbread syrup with toasted marshmallows, Frosty Winter Pear shaken with egg white, lemon and a dash of red wine, or our hot cocktail Kentucky Mulled Cider, all made exclusively with Maker’s Mark bourbon.