The Home of London’s First Indoor Olympics

13-06-2024 - 11-08-2024

As the biggest event of the summer draws near, we’re celebrating our sporting history.

A Team Effort

Our stunning new art installation pays homage to the German Gymnastics Society, who funded and constructed our grade-II listed building back in 1865. The display features pommel horses, aerial hoops and vintage Olympics posters from Chef Alex’s personal collection.

The Spirits of the Games: Our new signature cocktail menu

Dine at the first floor restaurant, and sip on cocktails at our Meister Bar, and you’ll have the same view as the audience did, more than 150 years ago.

Our new signature menu at the Meister Bar nods to “The Spirits of The Games”. Our talented Bar Manager, Anna Gaglione, has crafted six new summer cocktails, each memorialising a notable element of our unique history.

The Olympian

The very same building you dine in today played host to London’s first indoor Olympic Games back in 1866, and again in 1908.

“The Olympian” is made with Saffron-infused Tanqueray Gin, Rose Liqueur, Italicus, Jasmine Syrup & Lemon, topped up with rose-infused Mediterranean Tonic.

The Broadsword

From this vantage point at today’s Meister Bar, spectators used to watch the athletes practising unusual sports like broadsword fighting and Indian club swinging.

The Broadsword cocktail is made with El Jimador Tequila, Strawberry & Rosemary Cordial, Campari, Lime & Cucumber.

The Acrobat

Look up at our centuries-old wooden beams and you’ll spot the original hooks that were used by the gymnasts for rope climbing and other aerial feats.

“The Acrobat” is made with Sauvelle Vodka, Lemon Balm wine, Vetiver & Suze.

The Pioneer

These athletes even pioneered women’s exercise, offering women’s classes shortly after opening, and way before it was a culturally-accepted norm in London.

“The Pioneer” is made with Lost Explorer Mezcal, Aperol, Lime & Marmalade.