St. Martin & The Goose Season

11-11-2023 - 30-12-2023

Our limited edition Festive Goose Menu goes live from St. Martin’s Day on the 11th of November, until December 30th.

Book a table at our first floor Restaurant and overlook our iconic 20ft Christmas tree as you feast on our limited edition Goose menu, with options for single serves or a whole Goose to share with your loved ones.

The Goose Menu

For a single serving, choose “the best of the goose”: a piece of breast and a piece of leg, served with braised red cabbage, German style cooked kale, a bread dumpling and goose sauce for £40.

To share at your table, order the Ganze Gans (whole goose) served with red cabbage, German style cooked kale, bread dumplings, goose sauce, poached pear with lingonberries.

The whole goose is recommended for 4-6 people to share, at £250 per goose.

48hour pre order recommend to ensuring availability. Available at the first floor Restaurant until December 30th.

Who is St. Martin?

In Germany, St. Martin’s Day traditionally marks the start of the festive season. Families gather to celebrate and restaurant across the country are booked out, selling a strict menu of nothing-but-Goose.

As Germany’s patron saint of the poor, there are two myths surrounding how Saint Martin became associated with the goose:
1. Out of humility, he hid in a barn to avoid being publicly ordained as a priest, but the noise of the geese he hid amongst gave away his location.
2. One of his sermons was interrupted by a flock of giggling geese.

Either way, goose is traditionally eaten on the 11th of November to commemorate Saint Martin, and then throughout the festive season.