Signature Cocktails: National Parks Edition

19-05-2023 - 08-10-2023

Our ambient Meister Bar is situated on the first-floor of German Gymnasium, nestled in beside our Restaurant, overlooking the bustling ground floor Grand Café.

The talented Meister Bar team produce world-class cocktails and are proud to present their latest Signature Cocktail menu, “The National Parks Edition”.

The menu features six carefully crafted cocktails, inspired by Germany’s National Parks, using ingredients, flavours and colours that represent their namesakes.

  • “The Schwarzwald” features Jasmin-infused wine (to reflect the large quantities of the flower you find in this beautiful National Park). And of course, Monkey 47 Dry Schwarzwald Gin, produced in Bavaria, using local botanicals.
  • Because Monkey 47 is a favourite product of ours, you’ll also find their Dry Schwarzwald Gin in “The Wattenmeer”, infused with seaweed to give a taste of this stunning National Park located on Germany’s Nordic coast.
  • “The Muritz” National Park is ripe with wild strawberries, so we’ve made a rum-based cocktail using strawberry liqueur.
  • “The Luneburger Heider” is famous for it’s lavender fields so we’ve used a lavender oleo saccharum for this stunning cocktail.
  • Hops grow throughout “The Bayer” National Park, so we’ve made a beer and pineapple shrub to go in this tequila-based cocktail.
  • And finally,  “The Elbsandstein” features elderflower liqueur, balanced out with lemon juice and aromatic cider.