31-03-2020 - 30-04-2020


The Meister Bar’s new nostalgic cocktail list is inspired by our very first memories. From walks in the park with family, to playtime, visiting the cinema for the very first time or familiar smells and sounds, we’ve created ten nostalgic cocktails that will transport you back to your first years.

Made with Tanqueray gin and blended with Kirsch, rum, hazelnut, chocolatey notes and infused with cherries, My Toy Box is an experimental cocktail served on top of a bright blue toy chest.

The Big Screen made with Don Julio Anejo tequila and infused with tonka beans, cherry brandy, Amaro Montenegro, Tia Maria and rhubarb bitters is a strong and sweet cocktail served with a miniature tub of popcorn.

Complimenting the award-winning interiors of German Gymnasium, The Meister Bar’s My First Memories cocktail list celebrates our first years and showcases the talent and imagination of our mixologists, establishing the bar as a leader in London’s cocktail scene.

Learn how to make cocktails like our talented mixologists in our new Experimental Cocktail Masterclass for two where you’ll learn how to make one classic cocktail and one experimental cocktail from our My First Memories cocktail list. Get your ticket below.